Gumgum Review: Best In-image Advertising Network for Publishers

Images carry a powerful emotional quality with them that mere words could not express; they tap into the curiosity of human psyche and emotions through an innovative platform. Human eyes and mind tends to focus on pictures, instantly and this quality is taken advantage of by brands to send them unique quotes on their business through these ad image networks.

About Gumgum In-Image Ad Network

Gumgum taps the power of image recognition technology and unlocks the value of connected images to deliver highly effective ad campaigns and best insights to marketers. This image advertising technology first came to existence in the year 2008 and has since been leading the industry with prompt solutions that helps publishers monetize their images and offers relevant ways for advertisers to propagate their brand stories through pictures.


Its patented in-image ads are featured as editorial photos that focus user’s attention actively and create high user engagement, view ability and best consumer experience. It creates new ways to create an impact on editorial content beyond images. Its in-image ads are highly responsive, designed to fit all screen resolutions and screen. They are featured based on target audience, are persistent as users scroll down the web page and create an excellent impact on brand value.

Gumgum network has reached over 600 million unique visitors a month across billion of images on all premium websites. It gives its publishers a new way to monetize images while maintaining excellent user experience, and its advertisers the ability to reach targeted audiences in a highly safe brand environment.

Requirements for Publishers to Join GumGum

The in-image advertising technology of Gumgum helps publishers convert their photos into profitable advertising inventory. Its patented technology offers some of the best ways to earn new revenue across every screen. It has achieved highly interesting and engaging experience for audience and higher CPMs for its publishing partners. Gumgum works with hundredths of premium web publishers and some of its best partners are, The Hollywood reporter, and the daily beast and so on. It maintains excellent brand relationships and maintains specific criteria in managing its publishing partnerships. Its publishers gain specific attention from its team and thus do not accept every integration request it receives.

It accepts and approves publishers applying for its revenue share program and partnerships, if they publish any news, content, media, informational or entertainment blog or site that accepts a minimum of 5,00,000 monthly page views. It approves websites written in English language and is only able to attract a large number of audiences based in US and UK.

Gumgum does not partner with websites that contain adult entertainment content that are not appropriate for general audiences. It does not approve sites that offer or promote gambling and other games of chance that involves payment from illegal sweepstakes. It does not promote sites that sell illegal services and goods. It offers free guidance and counselling to its clients through its portal, [email protected].

Products offered by Gumgum in-image ad network

Name of the Product Description Dimensions Animation type Objective
In- Image Tight fitting, subtle and a powerful unit. It is built to appear on the larger images and is perfect to create a proportionate and pleasing ad.  Height: 70px -100px

Width: 450px – 300px

Highly Responsive ads.

No animations involved.



Wide used creative ad type that gives advertisers room to express their brand image through words, animation and imagery. Height: 70px -100px

Width: 450px-300px

Primary animations involved Performed
In-image embedded Video Its unique video solutions embeds video in its in-Image unit so as to enhance overall ad performance Height: 70px- 100 px

Width: 450px

No animations Performance
In-image Canvas Canvas turns the entire photo into a contextually relevant, engaging rich media for 5 sec, before nestling into an animated unit at the lower portion of the image. Height: Custom

Weight: Custom

Primary animations involved Brand awareness
In-Screen units Its placements are fixed to the bottom of the page that could span across the width of desktop and mobile screens. Height: 70px -100px

Width: 100%

No animations involved Brand/ Awareness
In-Screen Animated Its placements are fixed, could span across the width of the screen and its animates captures audience attention and drives their engagement Height: 70px-100px

Width: 100%

Primary animations involved Brand/Awareness
In-Screen Embedded Video Embedded videos are fixed to the bottom of the page, span across the width of desktop and mobile screens. Height: 70px-100px

Width: 100%

Primary animations involved Brand/



In Screen Half Takeover These are mobile only ads that animate up to half of any tablet/mobile device and minimize to an in-screen ad Height: 70px-100px

Width: 100%

Primary animations involved Brand/



In Screen Takeover Mobile only ads that animate the entire screen of any tablet/mobile device and later minimize to an in-screen ad Height: 70px-100px

Width: 100%

Primary animations involved Brand/



In Content Video These are units that open up article content when in view. This featured video and customizable banner unit in device and browser compatible. Height: 70px-260px banner

Width: 300px- 450px

No animations Awareness
Lightbox Lightbox is capable of delivering additional content for deep user engagement, without having to leave the page. It delivers :15 or: 30 video spots, and presents slide shows, enables e-commerce content and creates better social media engagement. Height: 440 px

Width: 640px

Video: 360×640 px

Primary animations are involved Awareness/ Engagement.

How does GumGum Work

In-image ads from Gumgum are served either as taker over ads or overlay ads of an online image. Its proprietary technology evaluates pixels of every image on its premium publisher websites combined with image clustering and facial recognition methods to identify people/items. It applies its ad targeting techniques to deliver contextually relevant ads, determine the subject matter of the image and also checks if it is brand safe based on nudity detectors and other factors. Ads from Gumgum are also visually engaging through animations, video contents and other offers.

In-image advertising make use of data about an image, its tags and surrounding content to match the ads with images so as to be contextually relevant. When a publisher integrates the JavaScript into their publishing pages, audience could see the ad revealed when they roll over the images. Some in-image ads create a pop-up box when visitors click on the images, or even direct the user to a new page.

Gumgum has identified over 100 billion image assets over its network of 1000 publishers, for six years since inception and has now reached 60 million unique visitors a month. Its image takes over products experience an average click through rates between 1% and 2%, while some campaigns realize returns as high as 6%. According to its CEO, Ophir Tanz, its standard image ads generate 0.4-0.8% Click through rates on an average.

In-image ads are seen easily and they work tremendously, as they appear on relevant images contextually, in-line with editorial content, so as to engage a consumer – as written on a blog post from Gumgum. In-image ads allow its publishers to reclaim real estate space on the website that are dedicated to display advertising. About 25% of its traffic is derived from mobile devices where they perform pretty well, compared to other screens.

Challenges for Gumgum

Online consumers of recent days are not just tech savvy, but also demand that they indulge in non-interruptive digital advertising paradigms. Publishers have also been searching for ways to drive user engagement. It is important for in-image ads to be not manipulative and deceptive, but offer a solution to meet the needs of both publishers and consumers.

Another important challenge for the network is to constantly innovate ways and means to drive user engagement, as even winning digital advertising techniques get old fast. It needs to incorporate a number of new products as part of its development and need to stick on to its current non-interruptive means of advertising to continue yielding positive results.

Payment Structure, CPM Rates and Payout

Publishers are entitled to receive payments based on Gumgum’s calculation of revenue it receives from served Ads. Revenue is calculated based on the number of impressions and clicks for served ads.

Gumgum makes payments on a Net 60 Basis and the minimum payout is $50 or more. Gumgum does not pay for its ads through which it does not receive any revenue.


In-image advertising drives on an average 37% of brand life for ad campaigns with a primary intention to crease brand awareness. Engagement across the platform is about 300% more compared to other industry majors on an average. Gumgum’s ad campaigns are able to yield at least 20 times more click through rates compared to traditional ad networks and is being profitable since 2011.

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