ClickGanic Review 2016 – CPM Based Ad Network

Click Ganic is a Private SSP network that offers its publishers access to all major DSPs available Worldwide. It is based in the United Kingdom and participates predominantly on CPM based campaigns and not over CPA and CPC models. Its publishers are able to enjoy high fill rates on their websites across all major Geos through their verified ads. Click Ganic is a platform that allows bloggers and social media owners to monetize international traffic on their websites without compromising the brand and its quality.


About ClickGanic

Click Ganic is an SSP based network that offers access across all DSPs to publishers and is able to monetize more than 120 Million Ad impressions a day. So far it serves ads to more than 8000+ publishers across the globe and is connected to more than 35 ad networks that run on high CPM rate ad campaigns. Till date, the ad campaign has been working successfully with thousands of websites in Europe, CIS and North America and covering over 120 million impressions in a single day.

Investment with Click Ganic would accelerate our growth Significantly, the system helps to automate our platform, complete our microtargeting system and develop an excellent online marketplace that significantly boosts publisher’s revenues and behave as the best surge towards our Growth –  as expressed by a benefitted publisher of ClickGanic.

It uses a number of third party networks such as Google and Web of Trust to determine the safety of information submitted to These two browser rate the quality of information submitted based on its browser compatibility, adult content, malware and so on.

 Requirements of a Publisher to join ClickGanic

ClickGanic is completely based on CPM and removes the hassles from other ad types for the publisher. Monetizing a website through CPM is highly preferred by many Publishers as a number of ad networks and DSPs attract high CPM rates from thousands of advertisers from around the world. A publisher needs to have 10,000 impression to be eligible to show their ads.

The minimum payment threshold that Publishers enjoy from ClickGanic is $5 and payments are made every week through Wire Transfer and PayPal. The network serves Slide Ads and Banner Ads and work with some of the major exchanges to guarantee 100% fill rate and high CPM bids.

Getting registered with the ad network is simple, easy and a one minute process. Publishers could access its website to register with the portal, which directs them to the webpage as shown below. Its dashboard helps in instant integration with websites of publishers and also offers them a step by step video tutorial on the entire process. Publishers also are asked to offer their payment information right on the home page to verify payment process.


Publishers have to follow these step by step process to enjoy the complete services of ClickGanic.

  • Add the name of the website on the dashboard
  • Offer moderators from ClickGanic, the access to website statistics so as to get approved.
  • The next step is to create Ad zones for the website, and Click Ganic offers four different types of ad zones as of now such as banner ads, Slider ads etc.
  • Publishers should define the position, size, CPM rate and pass back ad tag. Higher the CPM rates, lower would be their fill rates.
  • Publishers could provide pass back tags for all their unsold ad impressions.
  • Copy and paste the ad tags provided, at that place of the website where ads are to be displayed.
  • Publishers are free to view their website statistics from the Reports tab of the website zones.
  • Click Ganic monetizes the website, 100% and helps publishers make money every Monday.

Click Ganic pays its publishers on the CPM and RevShare basis. It targets ads based on geographic locations of the audience and make them site-specific. It does not accept and approve websites with alcohol of tobacco content nor does it permit ads on gambling, adult content ads, software and download ads.  Its publishers are required to create a minimum monthly impression of 300,000 through their website and create a minimum of 1,00,000 uniques every month.

How Does ClickGanic Work?

Click Ganic also helps its publishers monetize international traffic by working with a number of DSPs and trade desks all around the world. All Publishers are managed through a personal account management assistant who helps them with problem solving and to answer their queries. ClickGanic works with all IAB banner formats, slider ads, mobile ads and teaser and publishers are offered the freedom to find the format they wish.

Advantages of using ClickGanic

  • Clickganic holds a high appeal for both Publishers and Advertisers and offer the easiest and the best way to sell a large amount of inventory, even if the revenue per impressions is less than as it would be with direct sales.
  • Increased reach, lower costs and flexible payment options with weekly payouts.
  • Global advertisers, dedicated account managers flexible ad sizes and placement options are its other advantages.


  • There are high chances for ads to appear next to inappropriate content
  • There is a lack of control for the publisher over the placement of ads.
  • There is no affiliate referral program with ClickGanic

Payment Structure and Payout

ClickGanic takes all needed steps to monetize the website and all unsold inventory of its publishers and pays their commissions based on the CPM rates. The minimum payment threshold made to the publishers is $5 and it dispenses payments on a weekly basis, preferably on Mondays. If payment does not reach the minimum payout threshold, they are being carried over to the next week. It pays its Publishers through PayPal and Wire Transfer.


ClickGanic ad serving platform aims to enhance the revenue of both web and social media publishers and follows a brand new technology of ad serving to monetize international traffic. The network is compatible with any type of web resource and monetizes publisher’s websites without affecting the brand and its quality.

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