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Back in the early days, when I was exploring my AdSense account I once stumbled across URL channels. Back then, its said

You currently have zero active URL channels out of a possible 500

I wondered, what is 500 URL channels. However, I didn’t bother searching much about it. Lately, while tracking keywords for this blog, I saw at my Moz dashboard that “What is 500 URL channels” is shown as a keyword opportunity and thus I thought of writing this quick article. A lot of web publishers are unaware of URL channels.

URL channels basically help you track AdSense earnings based on a particular string that is used in the URL. URL channels can be extremely useful for segmenting AdSense revenue by author, post type, category etc.

Let’s take the example of a multi author site. If you want to know exactly how much revenue each author on your site is generating, so that you can reward them, the only way to track that effortlessly is through URL channels. You need to change your permalink settings to %author%/%postname%/ and the URL of the articles will change accordingly to include the name of the author. (Please don’t do this for existing blogs as it might create URL redirect issues and end up in 404 pages). Doing so on a new blog will let you track the revenue for each of the authors as AdSense will match the author username and track earnings on their posts.

URL channels are very useful to measure which sections/pages of your site are performing well in terms of CTR and RPM. This is particularly insightful if you have segmented you content in terms of category or author who wrote the post.

You might want to go through: How to Manage AdSense Revenue for a Multi-Author WordPress Blog through URL Channels.

AdSense allows a maximum of 500 URL channels per account and I guess that’s more than sufficient a number for tracking authors/categories/custom pages.

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