Komoona Review- Best SSP Platform for Publishers in 2020

Komoona is new to the online advertising market, but it is an impressive one and offers good earnings to its users. Komoona is a 360 degree website optimization platform that  offers its publishers the option to sell their ad space in their websites and allows them to keep all of the profits minus minimum commission. It also helps its publishers and advertisers to create banners and ads for their websites. I got a mail from Susan Wells, senior business development at Komoona on 26th Jan,

I’d like to discuss with you about bringing our ads & technology on your sites directly, to help increase the value of your Mobile and Web Premium Display inventory.
I’d love to know what CPM would make us an attractive partner?

If you are not the correct contact, can you please forward to the correct person.

Following which I thought to give Komoona a try!

About Komoona Ltd

 Komoona was formed in the year 2010 by Yair Solomon and his brother Amiad and Tzafrir Ben Ami. The company has to its credit more than 1000 publishers and its router handles 25 billion impressions a month. Its Research and development division is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and its sales operations happen in San Francisco, New York and London.


Amiad Solomon, Komoona speaks at Noah15 Conference

Komoona is a CPM advertising network and is working with real time brands and bidding exchanges. It helps publishers from around the world to join its network and ensures to deliver the best ad inventory in terms of ad quality and prices. It offers all advertisements and banners to its customers free of cost; it works towards maximizing the income of its publishers through its optimization techniques and technology.

You might take a look at the video, 

After getting approval from Komoona, publishers need to add a JavaScript ad code to their website to display the ads and could use their own back up tags. Back up tags would show ads of the publishers when Komoona fails to deliver ads for a specified cost. Publishers are also free to set up their own floor price, enhancing their revenue.

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Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

Though Komoona ad network does not disclose any specifications on its traffic, websites of US, UK and European origin generate more traffic. Komoona is much concerned about the safety of its advertisers; publishers found guilty could lose their accounts.

  • It is important for publisher’s websites to not host objectionable content such as hacking, gambling, spam and adult contents.
  • Its network does not allow transfers of login credentials to other publishers.
  • Komoona does not expect its publishers to manipulate impressions via software or bots.
  • Publishers should not alter their JavaScript ad code and does not fake website traffic through PTC sites and traffic exchanges.

How Does Komoona Work

Komoona is a dynamic ad optimization platform that works across all major demand sources and RTB exchanges so as to ensure maximum revenue for its publishers. It overwhelms its publishers with excellent technology to optimize their content so as to maximize their profits in the current programmatic environment. It uses a simple JavaScript, optimizing billion of impressions for its publishers globally and is a fast growing ad network of recent times.

Its state of the art technology combines algorithms and big data technologies to enhance the understanding of the RTB ecosystem of its publishers and guarantees all of their impressions to get the maximum bid. It’s completely automated approach towards advertising helps its publishers gain better revenue even with no deep tech knowledge.

Komoona automates the selling of ad spots of its publisher’s websites unlike other networks that requires its publishers to manually link to the sales page, creating a banner, setting date ranges and negotiating prices. Its easy purchase interface helps the advertiser to create an instant ad banner for instant uploading. They do all this directly from the publisher’s website through the Ajax window when an advertiser clicks on the purchase link for the ad slot.


  • Komoona Ad network offers high CPMs and enough time to get optimized along with substantial traffic amount.
  • Its user interface allows for self-service options in fields such as pass back, Payment options, CPM floor etc.
  • Websites from tier 1 locations such as US, UK, CA, and AU enjoy good fill rate.
  • E-commerce websites and news verticals enjoy the best benefits from Komoona network.
  • Its representatives are responsive and friendly.
  • It is easy to get installed and supports multi-advertising formats.
  • Its ad inventory is of very high quality.
  • Its publishers have good control of the prices.
  • Its real time reporting systems and timely payments are its additional advantages.


  • Its revenue is impression based and does not take clicks into account.
  • Komoona demands high patience from its publishers as it could take even a week for complete optimization of their ads
  • Ad tags are offered by its representatives and if additional tags are required, publishers have to contact their account manager or its representatives.
  • They do not approve small websites.
  • Prices are low for traffic generated by Tier 2 countries
  • It does not have a referral program

Komoona Referral Program

As the article got published, I was contacted by Nina Sherman from Komoona who took the effort to clarify a few contrasting points like the referral program. Komoona does have a referral program. If you’re interested to know more about the referral program, you may contact at [email protected]

Komoona Dashboard

The reporting interface of Komoona is very simple and easy to navigate, something which I liked about them. However, the stats are not updated in realtime because the Komoona plugs you to different SSPs and the reports from those take some time and thus the delay is because of the aggregated CPM achieved.

Komoona Control Panel

Komoona Control Panel

Komoona Ad Tags

Will Komoona you can select a floor price for all the ad tags. If the CPM doesn’t matches with the floor price, the passback ad will be displayed which in my case was Google AdSense. Komoona can provide a fill rate of anywhere between 20%-90% depending on your floor price. If you set the floor price to be high, automatically majority of the ads to load will be passback.

Some of the ad sizes that Komoona supports are: 300×250, 320×50, 160×600, 728×90. As far to my knowledge, Komoona doesn’t support 320×100, 300×600 and 336×280 ad unit sizes.

Komoona ad tags

Komoona Earnings Report

As you can see, I served them around 160,000 impressions (it was for a few days). However, the fill rate was low because my floor prices were capped at the higher side. If you’re using AdSense as a passback, I suggest you keep the floor price 1.5X of that of AdSense impression RPM for that particular ad size. I was getting an impression eCPM of 1.16 which is not bad at all.

Komoona earnings

Payment Structure and Payout

Its software allows its publishers to sell their advertising space in a desired floor space. After registration, publishers would be able to define their advertising space on their website at a desired floor price on a cost per impressions basis. If publishers do not define a floor price, it is set at the discretion of the admin. Its software sells the advertising space at a requested price and displays advertisements on the web pages of publishers containing the embedded code. All impressions are counted by the Komoona Ad server ad payment for these campaigns are based on figures produced by the system. If the impressions are not served correctly in terms of tags or technical specifications, such impressions are not counted and paid.

Payments are made on a net 60 basis from the end of the month and the invoice is addressed with the receipt from Komoona Ltd. The receipt details the number of impressions delivered, as counted by its Ad server. Payments under $1500 are made through PayPal and payments over $1500 are made through Bank Wire.

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The Komoona ad network has an excellent potential to be a viable advertising network and would be a tough competitor for its rivals. It is a good alternative for all those publishers having a tough time earning online and works wonders on all types of websites to generate revenue.

Share Your Experience

It would be interesting to know how was your experience with Komoona, and also highlight if you’ve any particular thing to say about them. Would love to hear you back!

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