Epom Marketplace Review- Best Ad Network for Asian Traffic

About the Company: Epom is an ad network that works with publishers and advertisers in more than 40 different countries. It has an international coverage with its head office located in Kiev, Ukraine; the company is headed by Mr. Anton Ruin. It was started in the year 2010, and gained tremendous popularity in 2014 and is an excellent platform that connects advertisers and publishers under a unified advertisement exchange platform. Reasons why most publishers prefer Epom ad network are its campaign optimization techniques, real time reporting with graphs and its options to monetize unused inventory.

Epom offers its clients; a large audience reaches and exposes them to enormous publishers all over the world. It supports all business models and its fill rate and eCPM rates are industry leading helping its clients to earn well. It offers access to more than 600 publishers and support models such as CPA, CPC, CPL and CPM. It offers eCPMs in the range of $0.5 to $3.70 and a fill rate of 100%. About 320 million users are enrolled under Epom across 13 billion impressions monthly, on an average.


Requirements for a Publisher to Join the Network

Joining an Epom ad network is as easy as cake walk and does not incur any hidden tricks and procedures. If a publisher wishes to join the network, he simply has to complete the registration form and personal manager from Epom would get in touch and guide through the entire registration process. The next step is to insert the codes given by the personal guide into the apps or website code to start monetizing the inventory. The last step is to login to the publisher account and access the analytics to revise the revenue status. Once the account is activated and live, publishers could start creating with ad placements using their Epom ad platform.

Steps 1: Login to the account and visit the publishers tab.

  1. Fill out The basic information from that appears
  2. Save the information, additional buttons would appear in the top pane
  3. Click on to the Add new Zone button, provide all basic information form and click save.
  4. Additional buttons would appear in the top pane, check ‘add new placement’ button
  5. Choose site placements from the list, for other types of placements, click on The corresponding buttons.
  6. Submit the new site placement form by filling in the name, size of the placement and other optional fields
  7. Click save. Invocation code pane would appear, codes appearing on this pane need to be inserted into the website where the ad is to be served.
  8. The commonly supported format is the JS sync Code.
  9. Click on the preview button on the top of the pane to have an idea of the ad placement, publishers could show this to others by sharing the preview URL.
  10. Once the placements start running eCPM details gets filled with data and users could get their eCPM optimization report with a breakdown, according to their corresponding country.

How does Epom Marketplace Work

Epom market works with advertisers from all over the world so as to help its publishers monetize their inventory and traffic, irrespective of their geo-location and target audience. Apart from its home advertisers, if publishers wish, they could enhance their inventory monetization process by making use of Google Ad exchange to multiply their benefits and increase the number of advertisers they could work with. In addition to standard banner ads, Epom also supports other types of footer, mobile specific and in-text ad units. Its mobile and local ads are category targeted to ensure better targeting and higher eCPM rates.


Epom network allows publishers to display ads on their blog, website, app and even mobile site along with quality content. It expects its publishers to be from top ranking websites so as to offer their visitors quality content irrespective of content categories. By placing quality content with quality advertisements, website traffic and user engagement are increased and publishers are able to generate revenue based on the number of visitors they invite. Advertisers pick up such top ranking websites they wish to advertise on and configure their advertising campaign. Publishers would receive orders from advertisers and approve it. Advertisers pay for the campaign and its results could be checked at the advertiser dashboard.

Epom market accepts websites that have a monthly impression volume of 5, 00,000 and helps its advertisers reach their target audience with rich media, display ad units, video solutions and sponsorships. Its mobile market engages its users with social media marketing as well.


  • Its publishers have access to a high level of quality publishers and vice verse.
  • Epom Market evaluates and categorizes its publishers and advertisers
  • It allows only for safe ads on approved websites.
  • Maximum return on investment is realized with Epom
  • Its deep targeting and advanced optimization techniques allow for decent profits
  • It supports all major ad formats
  • Its dashboard offers real time statistics on revenue earned
  • Its customer support service is available to serve customers round the clock.


  • Its user interface has a lot of functionalities and these are sometimes not that user-friendly.
  • Epom does not have any predefined templates for analytics. Some of its dashboards and filters need to be created manually.

Payment Structure and Payout

The Epom market pay structure is on a Net 45 basis, it offers payment within 45 days after the end of the month. Minimum payout value is $100 USD. If the minimum payout level is not reached by the client, then the balance gets carried forward to the next month. Epom market makes payment through wire transfers and PayPal. PayPal is used to make transfers up to $500 and higher payouts are mandated through wire transfers.

Revenue earned per impression is counted by dividing total revenue by the total number of impressions served and multiplied by 1000. Its dashboard also displays 7 days revenue graph trend and graphically displays the changes in the income during the last week.

Referral Program

Epom Market encourages all of its clients to take part in its referral program and rewards them with 5% of the revenue generated by the referred users for up to 12 months. Its referral program is easy to participate and cost nothing to start. Referred users need to be approved by the EPom staff and upon their approval, referrers gain additional revenue in addition to the ad revenues generated in their Epom market. Earnings generated through the referral program would be paid out along with the regular billing cycle and users are free to monitor their generated revenue from their referral revenue table, after payouts have been confirmed.


Epom market offers its publishers and advertisers a range of options and features to generate high revenue and best reach with the target audience. These professionals understand the industry so well and are transparent and honest. They have never strayed from achieving the top of any campaign and serves as a long term strategic partner for businesses.

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Although I haven’t tested this ad network, I believe they are good for Asian traffic. Also, plugging the publishers to the AdX allows a 100% fill rate for all demographics. Do let us know how is ad network is working for you!

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Epom Marketplace offers flat CPMs which are effective for global publishers. The network has a good demand for Indian traffic.

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