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With more users engaging to mobile devices, the advertising industry is trying hard to monetize the mobile vertical. Even for publishers, maintaining a good mobile page RPM is a challenge mainly because of the website UX, low CTR of banner ads for mobile traffic.

It has become imperative for publishers to achieve success on mobile traffic since majority of the traffic(if the publisher is Asian) comes from mobile these days. Quite a few emerging companies are venturing into the mobile eco-space and ad optimization to help online publishers increase their advertising revenue. In this post, we will talk about Marfeel– a company that optimizes your mobile web page layout, engage your visitors and help you monetize your mobile traffic in a better way.

Monetization: Marfeel’s SSP platform utilizes the Real Time Bidding (RTB) approach and provides a one-point-integration to multiple ad exchanges, top ad networks and premium advertisers, to allow publishers to auction off ad impressions in an individualized technique, which optimizes ad space value, by dynamically setting floor prices and accurately predicting the top rate an advertiser or a DSP (demand-side platform) would be willing to pay.

Real Time Ad Layout: Ads served through Marfeel targets dynamic placements and based on the best CTR zones, the ads are placed. This enables your site to have a better CTR. Also, Marfeel’s ability to plug into various SSPs to utilize Real Time Bidding allows more than 3 ads to be placed on your mobile pages.

Page Load Speed: One of the most crucial feature of using Marfeel is the ability to optimize your mobile pages to achieve lower page loading time. Pages under Marfeel layout take a second to load, thereby it increases the time on site, reduces bounce rate and adds to the overall user experience.


The biggest drawback of using Marfeel is your site loses it originality. Since the new layout is fed through Marfeel, everything in it looks like a different theme, something which Marfeel is trying to control. This acts as a complete setback to the original version of the theme, the branding and is something which none of the big companies are willing to experiment with.

Publisher Requirement-

I contacted Marfeel showing an interest on their product and also inquired about their commission rates. A business account executive got in touch with me and wrote me this,

We are happy that you are interested in creating a great mobile reading experience of your site with Marfeel. To offer you our free plan you should have a minimum of 250K total visits (sessions) on mobile. Which website would you like us to create a demo of? 
If you already above this limit, please let me know your avg. number of monthly sessions and I can make a rough revenue estimation for you. If you are not there yet and you are still growing, please stay in touch!!! We are developing every day to be able to support all of you bloggers out there with our free version very soon.
You can go through few of the case studies on Marfeel’s website
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