How to Enable Page Level Ads on AdSense

As we continue optimizing publisher websites for ad revenue, we try different things, some work and some doesn’t. AdSense introduced Page-level ads sometimes back and the offering is still in beta. We see a lot of publishers feel demoralized as they are not been able to use the page-level ads.

Why AdSense introduced Page Level Ads

Overall page RPM for publishers has been dipping since the mobile traffic increased over the last few years, and mobile RPM could match with desktop RPM.

AdSense introduced two Page-level ad types

  •  Anchor/Overlay ads
  •  Vignette ads

Both are mobile only ad types and they are expected to be game changers in the mobile advertising space. However, given to the limited inventory, we didn”t see any substantial revenue/RPM lift when these ads were enabled on our client websites.

How to Enable Page-level Ads

You need to go to Myads section on your AdSense panel. Click on the Page-level ads on the left under content section. Note that Page-levels ads are still in beta and not available for all AdSense publishers.  So, if you don’t see page-level ads enabled on your AdSense panel, you cannot test with this new ad format.

page level ads

Vignette ads are still in beta stage and the no.of times they appear on a page is determined by Google. They will typically appear in less than 5% of your total traffic volume and they don’t interfere with user engagement. I suggest you to implement Vignette ad codes. There is another type of pagelevel ads called (Anchor/Overlay ads) which is performing poorly for most publishers so I wouldn’t recommend you to use them.

How to Test Page Level Ads on Your Site

test page level ads

How to View Performance Reports of Page Level Ads

You can view performance reports of page-level ads by two ways

  1. Under My ads section, click on page level ads and then click on view page-level ads report. Clicking on it will give you the detailed reporting of page-level ads.
  2. Alternatively, click on Performance reports tab, then click on Advanced reports on your left. Under advanced reports, click on ad behavior and choose anchor/vignette ads from the list to have a detailed view of impressions, CTR, page RPM.

Performance Reports and Metrics for Page Level Ads

Page levels ads are still in beta and I don’t see this as a rise ad format. However, Vignette ads are still worth a try. You need to have good amount of traffic to see some success with Page-level ads. To be honest I never gave time to page-level ads for the system to optimize and show ads relevant to my users and content. If you’re testing page-level ads, I suggest you keep the ads for a minimum of 7 days before you plan to remove the code. This actually gives the system a scope of testing, and you RPM has a good potential to increase once the system finds the best performing ad creatives.

page level ads

As you can see, I was running page-level ads for very show internals, of a day/half a day and the system was not able to optimize the ads and hence low RPM. I have re-enabled the page-level ads and considering them to run for 30 days (only vignette ads) since I am not very comfortable with anchor ads. I will update the report statistics once I have the updated data. Then we can probably come to a conclusion on the performance of vignette ads on mobile screens!

Also, suggest you to add page-level ads report to your My Reports section.

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