Popads Earnings Report 2018

About The Ad Network

Popads is a pop-under ads specialized ad network, it is a premium ad network. Popads is the best option for entertainment sites and is currently working with 145,182 websites. Pop-up ads open in a new page or a new window, and so this increases the conversion rate because it attracts the visitors more than the traditional banner ad formats. This ads boosts the overall revenue of the site. It fetches the traffic in the way when the visitor is in his or her way to the pop-under ads enabled sites. When the visitor clicks on the link then the ad would pop under flashing the product URL. It works well if the advertiser is looking for high engagement. 

Ad Network Type

Popads is a very popular pop-under ad network. The pop-under ads in Popads auto-plays videos and sounds at the lowest bid. There are options available to set the frequency of the pop-under ads which in turn helps the publisher get the best revenue. All the added option increases the revenue.

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Popads CPM Rates

Popads offers higher CPM rates compared to other networks, It pays $2 for streaming movies, music, and other downloads. The average CPM rate for tier 1 traffic is never less than $4 in Popads. However, the CPM rate varies depending on the niche, quality of content, demographics, country, and even, day and time.

Minimum Payout Threshold

The minimum payout threshold is $5, and for wire transfer it’s $500. A minimum deposit of $10 is required for AlertPay and PayPal. They use NET 30 and NET 60 model for paying the publishers.

Payment Method

They use PayPal, AlertPay and Wire Transfer as their payment methods.

Popads Earnings Report 2018

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Choosing the right ad network for proper monetization can help you explore your revenue potentials to the highest. We hope, Popads can be a reliable network to boost your overall revenue from streaming, entertainment and movie sites.

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