AdMediaking Earnings Report 2018

About The Ad Network

Admediaking is an Indian ad network, established in 2003, based in Haldia City India. Admediaking is a contextual advertising and remarketing network, that gives amazing revenue to the publishers. They provide 100% fill rate and a wide range of ad formats. A website that has been online for at least 1 month can apply to AdMediaKing. The pages that have at least 5000 views per month are approved for Admediaking, and they need to have at least 2 pages and should have original content. They do not allow any site that has adult content.

Ad Network Type

Admediaking offers two different types of ads one is Banner and the other is Slider Ads. The publisher after signing up have to wait for their approval, they take about 2-3 days to give an approval and then you can start posting ads. They also have a referral program where the publisher can earn from the revenues of the those whom they referred.

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AdMediaKing CPM Rates


AdMediaKing has different CPM Rates for different traffic, if its tier 1 traffic i.e U.S, UK and such then the CPM is $0.21. And for other countries, it is $0.12. Admediaking also has a referral program for publishers, the publisher gets 10% of the referred publishers revenue.

AdMediaking Minimum Payout

The minimum payout Threshold for AdMediaKing is $2, which is easily attainable.

AdMediaking Payment Method

They use Paypal, Check and Bank wire.

AdMediaking Payment Proof

Here you can take a look at the payment issued by Admediaking. However, we would like to say that this network is not showing much activity on social media since sometime and we didn’t receive any response when we tried contact them via Skype and telephone. So, we suggest publishers to get in touch with them personally before running their ad codes.

AdMediaKing Payment 1



In the end, one should not compare AdMediaKing with the Adsense. Small publishers can work with AdMediaKing very well. The CPM rate is also good, better if your site has tier 1 traffic. They have a very prompt user support team. In a nutshell, AdMediaKing is comfortable and trusted network for beginners in publishing.



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