Adversal Earnings Report 2018

About The Ad Network

Adversal is an ad network founded in 2003, which specializes in pop-under ads. They offer various other types of ad formats. Adverdsal pays publishers more compared to other ad networks. If you meet their signup criteria then Adversal is a great Adsense alternative. The CPM rate depends majorly on the traffic type. To join Adversal as a publisher you need 30,000 impression per month on your site. Once joined, you get fixed CPM and they have a great reputation on paying on time.

Ad Network Type

Adversal is CPM ad network which means it pays on every 1000 impression. As they have a huge number of advertisers, so they give a 100% fill rate. They have a reporting system system to track down the  performance of individual ads. They offer Banner, Leaderboard, Medium Rectangle, Ministitial, Pop-under, Skyscraper, Wide Skyscaper.

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Adversal CPM Rates

Adversal have a CPM rate of $.56 for the tier 1 traffic. They also have a referral program that let’s the publisher have a share of revenue from the people joined Adversal on their reference.

Adversal Minimum Payout

The minimum payout threshold for Adversal is $20, which is very easy to meet for even new publishers. They use a NET 30 schedule for their payment. And their payment system is automated. And only Adversal has a record of paying on time.

Adversal Payment Method

They use Paypal, Bank Wire and cheque as their payment method.


Adversal Earnings Report

Here you can see a screenshot of the money sent to the publisher via Adversal. You can make more money via Adversal if you can drive consistent traffic to their network.


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