Adversal Payment Proof

About The Ad Network

Adversal is in the market since 2003 and it is one of the most popular ad networks on the web. The criteria to join Adversal as a publisher is 50,000 impression per month. It is said that they are the only ad network that has a reputation to pay on time. As their payment is automated. They have a great reporting system that tracks individual ads and campaigns and more on a daily basis. They have a very easy signup process, after signing up they take 2-3 days to approve and then you can start posting ads. They do not allow any Malware, redirects, Porn, illegal, pirated, hijack websites. It is one of the oldest CPM ad networks and was helping publishers monetize their site’s content much before the ad exchanges and trading desks came into play. Adversal is an IAB member and follows IAB ad formats.

Ad Network Type

Adversal is a CPM based ad network, which pays the publisher on every 1000 impression. They have a fixed CPM rate. They offer different types of ad formats but Pop up ads gives you the best eCPM. The ad codes need about 72 hours to optimize.

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Years of Operation

Adversal was found in 2003 and is still working. It’s been 14 years for them on the web and it’s growing strong. However, it seems that the network is left with a limited number of publishers as Adtech has become more matured and Adversal hasn’t kept up with the pace of innovation.

Adversal CPM Rate

Adversal has an eCPM OF $.56 if half the traffic is from India. And they also have a referral program that gives the publisher 10% of the lifetime revenue.

Adversal Minimum Payout

The minimum payout for Adversal $20. They use a  NET 35 schedule for paying the publishers which is one of the standards in the industry.

Adversal Payment Methods

The payment methods for Adversal is Paypal, Bank Wire, and Check.

Adversal Payment Proof

Please find here, attached the Payment proof of Adversal.


Timely Payment

Adversal has a reputation for paying on time. Overall, the network has no online reputation for non-payment to its publishers.



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