Admediaking Payment Proof

About The Ad Network

AdMediaKing is a company founded in 2003 and is based in Haldia City in India. They have a limited advertising solution, and they recently have joined the digital advertising. AdMediaKing is a contextual advertising network that works on retargeting. The system gives the great result to Advertisers and Publishers both. Their expert gives the utmost concentration to their work and on satisfying the clients. AdMediaKing has a nice support system for their publishers, they provide several contact option and the reply is also very prompt. AdMediaKing needs at least 5000 page views per month to allow to join with them.

Ad Network Type

AdMediaKing is a CPM based ad network, that gives 100% fill rate. It has the highest CPM rate compared to other ad networks. They have a very helpful reporting system that helps the publisher to monitor the performance of each of the ads. They even show the Click through rate, paid amount and unpaid amount.

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Minimum Payout

The minimum payout for AdMediaKing is $2 which is attainable for even new publishers because they give 100% fill rate. They use a NET 15 schedule for paying the publishers. They do not allow any site that has any adult or violent content in it.

Payment Methods

The payment methods for AdMediaKing are Paypal, Check and Bank Wire.

Timely Payment

AdMediaKing has a decent record of payment. As they use NET 15 schedule for their payment of publishers so you’ll get your money on the 15th day of your payment request and twice a month.

AdMediaKing Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof for the AdMediaKing,



AdMediaKing is an Indian ad network that works on CPM, and it is one of the best options for any beginner publisher. We hope AdMediaKing payment proof was useful to define its legitimacy as an ad network.


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