Revenuehits Payment Proof- 2018

Revenuehits is a performance based Advertising Platform that is based on CPA. This system helps the bloggers to get a chance to additional revenue. The updated and smart system of the Revenuehits let its publishers monetize online assets, including toolbars, websites, search, widgets, IM applications and more. The Revenuehits is an Israel based startup company which was founded on 2008. Revenuehits works, in a way which scans the performance of millions of online ads, and gives you the result in some time. To become a publisher on Revenuehits, you need to sign up to their portal and generate the ad tags on your approved domains. Once done, you can put the ad codes on your website and start making money. We would like to inform  you that Revenuehits run on a CPA mode and you need to give the system at least 100k page views so that their algorithms can start optimizing the offers based on your traffic. 

Ad Network Type: CPA

The Revenue hits runs on a CPA model, that pays you on every 1000 impression. They forums which are focused on downloads, torrent sites, music, video and wallpaper sites have a huge potential to earn from RevenueHits.It understands the type of the website after analyzing that it shows relevant CPA offers to each website, which is very benificial for the people associated.

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Overall Online Reputation

Revenuehits has been a reliable ad network helping torrent, image and download sites generate revenue based on conversions. The network holds a high reputation and is know for on-time payments and we haven’t found much publisher complains regarding them.

Revenuehits CPM Rates

The Revenuehits uses CPM model as well as CPA model, they pay you on every 1000 impression. The Revenue hits has a CPM rate of $1.90 in the USA, $1.70 in Canada, USD 2.80 in UAE, and 30 cents in the Philippines. However, the exact rates highly depend on the nature of the traffic and the conversions it can bring to it. You can take a detailed look at Revenuehits CPM rates here. 


Revenuehits Minimum Payout

The minimum payout threshold for PayPal and Payoneer is USD 20 while it is USD 500 for Wire Transfer. The Revenue Hits pay you by NET 30 basis, which basically is a monthly model.

Revenuehits Payment Methods

The Revenuehits uses Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer as their payment method. The payment options can availed in the billing information section, which is present in the account information section. If in any case your payment is denied thrice, you’d have to wait for 30 days before you can try again. We suggest publishers to opt for Payoneer payments since this will let publishers get the exact amount as displayed on their dashboard without any deductions and service fees. 

Revenuehits Payment Proof

Here you can take a look at Revenuehits payment proof. Revenuehits has been paying publishers for quite a long time and is a reliable network.


Revenue hits is pretty consistent with their payments. They use 3 different methods of payment, which can take some time. But in terms of payments Revenuehits is reliable.


Thus, Revenuehits is a reliable CPA ad network which works best for sites which promotes offers, freebies, downloads. Also, the niches which are banned from AdSense, publishers can run Revenuehits on those too. Revenuehits analyzes the ad performance based on your site’s traffic, and also gives you the performance based result so the optimization for every ad is customized and that helps the publisher to get more revenue.


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