RevContent Payment Proof- 2018

Revcontent is a content recommendation network based on Sarasota, Florida. It was founded by John Lemp in the year 2013. Revcontent is equipped with some of the most efficient Widgets and they follow the most recent trends in the market which makes it the most popular in native ad networking. They have some of the most influential brands with them, such as NBC News, Forbes, CBS etc. Revcontent provides more than 250 billion content recommendation each month. This network has different types and sizes of widgets that enhance the site traffic and revenue. Revcontent incorporates widgets at the end of the articles so that publishers can increase their revenue from the website with the additional view.

Ad Network Type: Native

Revcontent is a native ad network, it works on the content recommendation. It works mainly on responsive widgets, They have a wide range of widgets- Media, Technology and entertainment widgets are there, available. These set of widgets can be used in any kind of blogs or websites. They even have an option for you to add a native ad widget at the bottom of your article that would give you additional revenue.They have an Infinite scroll, gallery implementation and unlimited API customization option which benefits the publisher and the advertiser as well. You can check out Revcontent’s blog to get yourself updated with their latest product offerings. 

Years of Operation

Revcontent was founded in 2013, and it was introduced as a content recommendation engine and it is still operating as one. It has been 5 years that Revcontent is active. It is arguably one of the fastest content recommendation networks and has top publishers across the globe. 

Overall Online Reputation of Revcontent

Revcontent pays its publishers on time and has been operating since years. Overall online reputation of Revcontent is quite good. The network is prompt about its payments and we couldn’t find any publisher grievances.

Revcontent CPM Rates

Revcontent is known for strong CPM rates across tier one geos, primarily US, UK and Canadian traffic. If you have a lot of traffic coming from the US, I suggest you try Revcontent is increase your overall revenue. The network also performs well in Asia Pacific. You can take a look at Revcontent’s CPM rates in the dashboard below.

Source: revcontent blog

Revcontent runs on CPM model, They pay the publisher on every 1000 impression. The CPM rate for Revcontent varies from 1 cent to $3. Joining Revcontent is a very difficult job as they take only 6 people out of 100, so if you want to get in touch with the Revcontent you’d have to have 50,000 visit per month. But for Revcontent the CPM rate is heavily dependent on the source of the traffic. Revcontent provides a steady earning to a publisher who have got a good amount of tier one traffic.

Revcontent Minimum Payout

The Minimum payout threshold for Revcontent is $50. Their widget assures a good return against the ads displayed to the publishers. Revcontent has a NET 30 model for their payments. So, your earnings for the month of November will be paid to you at the end of December. 

Revcontent Payment Methods

The payment method for Revcontent is only Paypal, and they are pretty reliable on payment matters.

RevContent Payment Proof

Here is the payment proof for Revcontent, they have paid the publisher the required amount on time. 


Revcontent has a record of paying on time and the right amount. As they only use Paypal as the method you might have to wait sometime before the money is actually transferred.

So, basically Revcontent is the most popular content recommendation engine, and it has a very detailed screening process of selecting people who would be associated with them. So if you are lucky enough to have the chance then rest assured that you’ll earn higher CPMs than any other native ad network.

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