The Moneytizer: A Fast Growing Ad Network for Publishers

The Moneytizer was created in 2014 by digital advertising and programmatic experts. More than 8000 websites are now registered on the platform. This ad-network enables publishers to optimize their ad revenues through an all-in-one solution, simplifying the puzzle of all the digital advertising tools they often get lost with.

This platform gathers all the latest technologies in terms of digital advertisement, for publishers to obtain the highest possible revenues.

The Moneytizer wants to simplify the existing offers. How? By providing medium and small sized websites publishers with the necessary tools and formats, which are often inaccessible to them. (Ad-tech programmatic market)

Therefore, the platform is the actual link between advertisers and publishers.

How to earn higher revenues with The Moneytizer?

The Moneytizer developed an innovative algorithm, based on “header bidding”, under which the concept operates.

More than 40 international advertising partners are put in competition, in order to obtain the best possible CPM per format, at a given time. As The Moneytizer works with programmatic, it’s not a steady price but a guarantee to have the best revenues for all your formats.

Consequently, The Moneytizer keeps its promises, by offering publishers the best ad-revenues optimization.

The platform offers standard, high impact, mobile and videos formats to publishers, which they rarely find on other ad networks. Advertisers will compete for each of these ad formats and therefore give you an optimal monetization.

The Moneytizer is a CPM network: it monetizes impressions rather than clicks or actions.

How to get Started?

There’s a very simple registration process. You can subscribe on their website, give a few information about yourself and then start choosing the most adapted ad formats for your website. You’ll receive your tags within 24 hours (business days). You can also do it from their WordPress plugin

Their Requirements:

  • A minimum of 20 000 unique visitors per month
  • Original content
  • Be the owner of the website or have a direct relationship with this person (proof can be asked)
  • No websites about streaming, adult content, sensitive content, bitcoin etc. are accepted on The Moneytizer

Earning Reports:

The statistics are available at D+1. For example, the report of Monday will be available on Tuesday. You can download this report. Once the threshold of 100$ or 100€ is reached before the end of the month, an invoice is issued the 10th. The payments are made on a net 60 through Paypal or wire transfer. From this dashboard, the publisher can also see all of his invoices, add other websites, request new formats, get his tags, manage his personal information and contact the support through the chat.

The Advantages of The Moneytizer

– The platform is free, non-binding and non-exclusive

– Anyone can benefit from the header bidding regardless of its technical skills

– The platform is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

– The platform is available to small and medium sized websites publishers.

– A dedicated team to help you optimizing your ad revenues, choosing the rights formats, assisting for any difficulty.

– An online chat to address all your questions.

So publishers, feel free to get started with The Moneytizer with the signup link and see your revenues soar higher. Looking forward to seeing you in next post.. Until then! Bye!

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