UberCPM CPM Rates 2017

UberCPM is a relatively new CPM network and has managed to stir quite a mixed reaction in the adtech industry. While some feel it is a new, fast-growing, high-paying CPM ad network, there are many others who think that it is not worth trying even once. However, a publisher can never be sure which ad network works for his website and in his niche until and unless he tries it himself. So, we are presenting a few pertinent facts about UberCPM here and we hope that the article helps you in making a decision.

Brief of the Company

UberCPM is an online advertising company that is based in Canada. It claims to be one of the highest-paying CPM networks. The company, on its website, claims that it wants to simplify online advertising. The network does not impose any minimum traffic requirements on publishers and it is very easy to become a member of this ad network. But this can be a disadvantage as well, because many premium advertisers do not want to display their ads on new s=blogs to ensure brand safety. However, it does not accept sites with adult content. UberCPM provides 24/7 technical support.Some publishers favour the ad network for its timely payments while others think that the earnings are too meagre for a reputed ad network. So as I said earlier, UberCPM has created quite diverse impressions.

Ad Unit Types

UberCPM specialises in banner advertising and supports banner ads of various sizes. It has a cap of a maximum of 3 ads per page.  

Earning Model

UberCPM follows the CPM model.

UberCPM CPM Rates

The CPM rates in the UberCPM depend largely on the ads served and are the most disputed aspect of the network. For Indian traffic, the CPC tends to be around 7 to 8 cents which is pretty low for an ad network of UberCPM’s size. The rates are a little higher for tier 1 traffic, but low nonetheless. There have been instances of UberCPM not paying even 1 cent for 1000 impressions citing not very clear reasons for such bad payout. So, if your plan is to monetize Indian traffic, UberCPM is definitely not the best way to go forward.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

UberCPM offers an 80% revenue split to publishers. The minimum payout threshold is $10. UberCPM pays publishers on a NET 30 basis and pays through PayPal, Payoneer and Bank Wire Transfer.


UberCPM is a comparatively new CPM ad network and has to improve on a lot of aspects, especially its CPM rates, to be considered as an alternative to the big seasoned networks. However, the ad network has enough features to grow to be a viable alternative to a lot of big-ticket CPM networks. UberCPM is not at all recommended for Indian traffic. But in case of tier 1 traffic, UberCPM ads can be run alongside AdSense ads to boost earnings.                           

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UberCPM, a once promised CPM ad network!

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