PopCash CPM Rates 2018

The ad network PopCash specializes in displaying pop-under advertisements to its visitors. It has a pretty good ad inventory and offers high revenue to its publishers. In this post, we will be discussing the PopCash CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its earning model, ad units, and payment proof and earnings report to help you decide if this is the right ad network to monetize your blog/website with.

Brief of the Company

PopCash was founded in the year 2017 by Alex and Radu, who are the joint CEO of the company. The ad network has shown a good growth curve and has delivered new features to publishers at a commendable pace. They had more than 500 million unique monthly visitors in 2015 and is a Top 500 Alexa ranking website. Their design is incredibly easy to use. They are a marketplace for publishers and advertisers.  Approvals can be received in less than 1 hour during working hours. Outside of this, it can take up to 12 hours. The network allows adult content websites. You can view their Terms of Service here.

Popcash Ad Unit Types

Popcash is a specialized company which displays only pop-under ads on its network. They come in many sizes but their basic format remains the same. Due to this reason, there are many publishers who think that it has a limited scope. But, pop-under ads are highly effective for some campaigns. This ad format work particularly well for specific niches. They promise to provide a 100% fill rate. Their ads have a frequency cap of 1/24 hours/IP. They display the ads and count the number of unique visitors to the website.

Popcash Earning Model

The pop-under ad network PopCash uses the Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) to pay its publishers. The rates are quite high because the network has many advertisers globally. Content driven pop-under ads of high quality are displayed to the visitors. These ads provide a much higher Click through Rate (CTR) for all its publishers. There is also a referral program. If you can refer any new publisher to join the network, then you will receive 10% of the revenue generated by him. This would passively act as a source of income. 80% revenue is shared with the publishers. The rest is kept by the company in lieu of the services offered.

Popcash CPM Rates of 2018

(Source: technogeekzone.com)

Popcash has a completely dynamic CPM. The rates are completely dependent on factors like the niche of the website, country of the visitor, and the quality of the traffic. The network pays by the impression. The CPM rate, on an average, tends to be in the range of USD 1.5 to 4. If the traffic comes in from tier 1 countries like the USA, UK, or Canada, then the rates are higher. If any publisher wants to know the average CPM for his/her website, then you can contact them through this link. The information that you’d get could act like a guidance for you.

Popcash Payment Proof and Earnings Report

The various options available for payment by Popcash are PayPal, Paxum, Pyaza, and Wire Transfer. The minimum payment threshold is USD 10 for the first three options. A publisher needs to have at least USD 1000 before requesting payment through Wire Transfer. It takes around 24-48 hours to process any withdrawal request. It may take more time during weekends or holidays. The network has a fraud team which verifies the traffic before approving the payment request.

The dashboard of Popcash is similar to other ad networks. You can see the statistics on a daily basis or you can select a date range. The impression, rate, and revenue can be viewed. If you run this network on more than one website, then you can switch between them to view your statistics for each. You can also view your transaction history to see when you requested payment and for what amount. Filters are also there which you can employ for easier analysis.


Pop-under advertisements are not suitable for every type of niche. As a publisher, only you can fully ascertain whether it will be suitable for your website. It is useful to keep in mind that there are many users who find this type of ad annoying. However, PopCash provides publishers with the best CPM rates when it comes to pop-under ads. In no way, do these codes interfere with any other ads that you may be running on your website. It is advisable not to use more than 3 pop-unders at the same time. If many ads are placed, then the quality of the traffic sent to ad networks decrease which results in a lower CPM.

We hope that this discussion post on PopCash CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its ad unit, earning model, and payment proof and earnings report will help you to decide if it is the right ad network to monetize your blog or website with.

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Popcash is a good pop-under network which can be used in mediation with other networks for better revenue.

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