Tribal Fusion CPM Rates 2017

Advertising network Tribal Fusion aspires to take clients beyond the banner with targeted solutions that deliver results by offering vertical expertise, deep customer insights, comprehensive targeting tools, and a fully transparent network. They combine the granular focus and targeted solutions of a vertical network with the world-class reach of one of the largest ad networks. In this post, we’ll be discussing Tribal Fusion CPM Rates 2017 with respect to its earning model, and the payment and earnings report. This will help you to understand whether this particular ad network will be a good revenue generator for your website or not.


Brief of the Company

Tribal Fusion was founded in 1998 and is currently one of the largest online advertising networks in the world. It serves close to 20 billion ads monthly. The network has several requirements for getting approval to run their ads. Publishers must have a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month. They need to update their websites frequently, have an active user base, uphold an active and publicly stated privacy policy, and possess their own top-level URL. It is one of the few premium CPM networks that pay premium CPM rates for each ad viewed on the website.

Ad Unit Types

Tribal Fusion offers many ad units:

  • All standard IAB units
  • Rich media
  • Video
  • Dynamic ads
  • Tandem ads
  • In-text
  • Expandable

The network also offers many different styles of ad displays to choose from: banner, pop-under, video, expandable, interstitial, and floating. They use page-level contextualization and transparent audience modeling. These features allow publishers to maximize the exposure of highly specific ads to the traffic. The contextualization feature tracks over 300 million pages across the entire publisher network and then optimizes the ads based on the continuously evolving profiles of every visitor to the publisher page. The transparent audience models help to map out the reach of every segment of the visitor network. Advertisers can use this information to customize ad campaigns. Advertisements get contextualized to audiences which themselves get profiled anonymously and categorized into various segments.

Earning Model

Tribal Fusion has an advertiser base for almost all types of niche. It shows ads to traffic coming in from all countries. But, the pay rate is always dependent on the country of the visitor. If websites get more visitors from USA or UK, generated revenue will be higher. They have a fill rate of 75%. In order to join the network, you need to have extremely targeted, relevant, and regularly updated content and an active user base.

CPM Rates for 2017

There are three ways of buying inventory from Tribal Fusion: Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost per click (CPC), and Cost per acquisition (CPA). The network prefers to pay their publishers on CPM basis as the amount of inventory available in CPC basis is very less and it depends largely on the CTR. Unless and until the CTR is very high for banners, chances are quite low to get decent inventory on CPC basis. Not much traffic is offered on a CPA basis, initially. This network is mostly used by big brands, as it is a CPM based network. It can be used to create brand awareness for their respective brands. The CPM offered by TribalFusion depends upon the niche of the website. It tends to vary from 20 cents to USD 2. Entertainment, movies and celebrity sites generate lower revenue while technology, health and sports sites generate more revenue. The network has one of the most recommended CPM program.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

Tribal Fusion has a NET-45 payment schedule. The network has a minimum payout of USD 50 and the only method of payment is cheque. They have a transparent revenue sharing process. Publishers get 55% of all the revenue gained for displaying the advertisements while the remaining 45% is kept by the company in recognition of the service provided. 

Tribal Fusion supports an open reporting system. The publishers can keep an eye on details like which advertiser ran the ads, how many times each ad appeared, what the advertiser paid and what their cut is.


Tribal Fusion is one of the most exclusive yet widespread advertising networks present. It has the best targeted ad campaigns and the most streamlined software to date, in the online advertising platform. If a publisher has enough traffic to get an account from the company, then they can generate very high CPM rates. Thus, the network is a very good alternative to Google AdSense. We hope that you’ve found this discussion on Tribal Fusion CPM Rates 2017 with respect to the earning model and payment and earnings reports useful. If you do have the right amount of traffic, then this should be definitely given a try. High Paying Contextual Ad Network is perfect for websites having US, UK and Canadian traffic. Enjoy high RPM close to AdSense.Use this link to get a bonus of 10% on top of your regular earnings for 3 months.

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