MGID CPM Rates 2017

MGID is one of the oldest internet companies around and has evolved from a traffic exchange network to a native ad network. The company has a huge global presence and has some of the top publishers and advertisers across its network. In this article, we will discuss MGID CPM Rates 2017, its earning model, and payments and earnings report. This will help you to decide whether to choose this ad network to monetize your website or blog.

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Brief of the Company


MGID provides native advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers. The latter is given two options: to either monetize traffic through display advertisements or by “recirculating” visitors. The concept of recirculating refers to sending traffic to other websites, who in turn, will send traffic back to yours. The network uses a “promoted content” widget to accomplish this. This appears at the end of the posts. This feature seamlessly integrates and doesn’t affect the user’s experience in any way. This increases user engagement and brings in new visitors to the website.

Ad Unit Types

It is a fairly straight forward procedure to integrate advertisement widgets or “promoted content” widget for traffic recirculation with MGID. Publishers are given a number of options to place and customize widgets. There are various ad display unit sizes in this network. There are widgets available for headers, under article, and sidebar. Exit pop widget is also available. HTML and Javascript are used to implement this technology. Mobile display options include a header and user-content widget. The network is compatible with Google AdSense and other display ads, as long as the design and style of the advertisements or recirculation widgets aren’t in violation of their terms of service. Users can create, customize, and save widgets.

Earning Model

Publishers using the MGID ad network make money using the Cost-per-Click or the CPC scheme. They also make money using the Widgets traffic exchange system. MGID has a flexible minimum traffic requirement. Anyone with around 10,000 page views per month or 300,000 monthly page views on their website can get an approval. A dedicated account manager is also assigned to help all the queries and guide with the setup. MGID accepts publishers like blinkbox, Tradedoubler, snakkle and Organic Authority among others who can promote content and offers from other quality publishers in their networks.

CPM Rates for 2017

The CPM provided by MGID is in the range of 1 to 5 cents and it is much more for tier 1 traffic. MGID supports highest CTR for news and viral sites and these niches have an average ad RPM of USD 1. For publishers who are more interested in displaying advertisements rather than recirculating traffic, MGID reports an average RPM of USD 1 to 3 with no cap. Advertisements have a 100% worldwide fill rate and can be shown on all devices and locations.

Payment Proof and Earnings Report

MGID pays its publishers once in 30 days after they’ve attained USD 100 in payable earnings. The network supports payment through PayPal and Wire Transfer. The network has shown good performance for news and viral websites and thus most of these sites are able to make good revenue with their advertisements.

Reporting on MGID is updated quickly and accurately. Advertisement data, as well as traffic exchange data, can be easily viewed and sorted. Information can be seen based on date, month, time, channel, and widget type. There is also an option to save or export these reports. Publishers have access to traffic statistics, click-through rates, and more helpful data as well as an instantly updated earnings report.


Even though MGID has poor ad quality, it works well for news type websites and viral websites. The network is one of the best alternatives for publishers with low volume traffic. It has a good chance to consolidate the market share and emerge victorious in segments that it decides to capitalize on. We hope this discussion on MGID CPM Rates 2017, its earning model, and payment and earnings report will help you to decide if the network is a right native ad network to monetize your website or blog.

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    nice article i have used them and i got more clicks than other ads because their ads is like that

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      Thanks for the information! Appreciate it 🙂

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    Tim November 6, 2017 at 8:33 am

    MGid is a scam. They come up with ideas that you Game their sites once you are close to payout. Stay away from them. Be warned.

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