What are Unbillable Impressions in AdSense Reports

AdSense provides a comprehensive documentation of all its features, however, there are subtle things which goes unnoticed. While I was browsing the AdSense dashboard yesterday, I came across “Unbillable impressions” under Performance Reports>Advanced Reports>Bid Types.

I googled but couldn’t find much info about it so I thought of asking it to Ankit, Co-founder of AdPushup Inc. In just a few hours he replied me back.


My first thoughts when I looked at Unbilled impression…

That many impressions were unbilled… How can I lower my unbilled impressions? Who decides whether an impression is unbilled or not?

However, all these questions were meaningless.

Unbilled impressions are for link units, when the second click doesnt happen.

As we all know, if you’re running link units on your blog, these units are monetized on double clicks. A user clicks on the link unit on your site and then lands to an intermediate advertisement page and upon clicking any of the relevant ads, he reaches the advertiser’s site and you’re credited with the per click earning.

Link units have got a new high impact format, which is click friendly and if you’re not monetizing your web property will link unit, you should try them. Link units work well on job sites, educational sites, tech sites and product review sites. These are some of the sites where we have seen link units to be earning good amount of revenue.

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    Webfeeder April 15, 2017 at 9:42 am

    Thank u for clear information. I also have same issue

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