Disqus Native Ads Review 2016

There are a number of comment plugins available for blogs to incorporate and hold discussions about their message live and strong, and extend it over the social media as well. Of all these commenting systems available out there, the most popular one seems to be Disqus. Disqus is being discussed widely among publishers and bloggers is the online industry for its impressive features and user friendly interface. It helps website holders enhance their user engagement and monetize their website to an interesting extent.



Disqus commenting system in brief

Disqus is free to install irrespective of the CMS and site platforms. It allows its publishers to create log in credentials of a single account to comment on millions of websites that are being installed by the service. The Plugin was founded by Daniel Ha and Jason Yan in the year 2007. It  has since then been populating  and currently has  more than 20 million comments and one billion unique visitors a month, staffing just 59 people; manpower doesn’t matter, its interface does it all. Its commenting section is by far the most impressive portion of its user engagement, more than three billion people read these comments every month and 80 billion visitors vote for them.

Publishers only have to pay a small fee for the free commenting software and ads gets placed over the comments as the website grows. Disqus chooses certain websites to enable their publishers earn extra through its promoted discovery program. This program makes it possible for the publisher to publicize their content and earn money when users click on the paid discovery listings on the page. Publishers benefit by sharing their content to a large audience and simultaneously generate ad sharing revenue as well.

What Disqus offers its publishers

Publishers and their readers could gain the maximum out of the Disqus commenting box that would get placed on all the posts. It does carry few definite features and those are,

  • Visitors for a blog are free to login through social websites login credentials
  • Users could comment over all Disqus powered websites through a single account
  • All comments are threaded and looks professional and catchy
  • Comments are free to get voted up/ down, discussions and comments could be carried over to social portals and email
  • Users can subscribe for updates to the thread for extended engagements
  • Comments are stored off site to enhance website performance, and users could comment in two font size and in three different styles.

Integrating with Disqus is a cake walk, users have to simply sign up for a new account and add the site they prefer to get comments.


Once registration is done, users are directed to a page where they could choose their supported platforms and are given step by step instruction on getting the plugin installed.

{Go to plugins>Add new, search for Discuss> install and activate the plugin> follow instructions under comments}

Users are then advised to upgrade their database, then choose the Disqus username and password to choose the website where one could start adding the comments. They are then navigated towards the confirmation page that directs the users to the dashboard for the plugin, this carries the link to the site where users could manage their site settings and comments.

This is how the dashboard is going to look like, after getting registered with Disqus, it carries all key settings and shortcuts to blogs and comments right on the dashboard.



The content discovery box renders tremendous potential for content to entice many new followers, so as to engage Disqus visitors to comment and recommend a post, it is important for site owners to,

  • Hold excellent content
  • Spark conversations
  • Make room for enormous traffic to ponder
  • Maintain good SEO practices
  • Channel content through a specific theme

Better the content- more are the comments- more are the ads tagged with the comments and more the revenue when visitors click on those ads.

Advantages of partnering with Disqus

Site Performance: Comments for blogs are resource intensive and if a large number of users are using the comments at the same time, it might affect the server load. Using a third party commenting system like Disqus eases the server load and also protects it from a malicious user.

Redundancy: Comments gets stored on a third party database that helps extremely  with redundancy, users could disable comments until issues with their servers are fixed.

Reliability: Disqus is an extremely reliable service, users are able to export copies of their comments as backups without undergoing any service disruptions. The admin deal with security issues in a timely manner and filters spam from genuine posts.

Payment structure

You can place native ads with Disqus to earn revenue. Your site needs to be approve for this! To realize payments from Disqus, users have to have a minimum of $100 USD after fees. All earning and payments are calculated per forum and earnings from multiple forums are not consolidated into a single payment. It expects its users to complete their payment information individually with all of the forums registered with Reveal. It offers only forum moderators the permission to access the payment information. Users could locate their complete payment infor7mation as follows,

Disqus admin> revenue> settings in the admin panel. Earnings reports are generated as per the screenshot included below

Disqus Native Ads CPM Rates

I ran Disqus for 2 days and was not impressed with the revenue that their native ads were generating. The ads were having 30% viewership on an average and the widget was reporting an RPM of $0.30. So if I have 10,000 pageviews and 30% of times the ads were visible and the widget RPM is $0.30, then I am making around USD 1 per day. It is pretty less in comparison to other native ad networks like Taboola, Adnow etc. Both Taboola and Adnow gets me around $2.5 per day for the same traffic! Bottomline- Disqus CPM rates aren’t great!


Payment Timings

Payments are made on a NET 90 basis or quarterly basis and the minimum payment threshold is $100. Users are free to set up or upgrade their payment method under ‘payment information’ under the settings menu. It expects its publishers to update their contact information, payment mode and tax form and sends them a confirmation email once the payment information is complete, for every payment Disqus makes. Payment options available are PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer, eCheck and Check.



Spoutable- Premium Native Ad Network

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Disqus is a powerful alternative to comments and ad revenue. Though the bloggers content is the ultimate deciding factor that chooses the visitors and comments, it holds an extremely supporting commenting system for the publishers so as to hold the system stable and working. Its user interface and account management systems are easy to use and handle and would never fail to engage visitors through various social media channels. Additionally, not much, but you can monetize your site with disqus! Can help you with the hosting and little marketing expenses.

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  1. The rates aren’t good. Another disadvantage is that it slows your website down, people see totally unrelated ads. I have removed it from my website as well

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