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RevContent Review 2018- High Paying Native Ad Network

We live in the world of the Internet and it is getting monetized differently each day, as more businesses have created their online presence recently, the online ad industry is booming rapidly. Brands have recognized the fact that, in order to grow, they need to advertise more and native advertising is their piece of pie for quality ad networks it offers.

Revcontent is the latest content recommendation and native advertising platform for business as it improves their return on investment. They follow the recent trend of native advertising compared to conventional ads posting system, especially through a revolutionary native ad networking system. The network has a huge base of global advertisers and there are a lot of publishers who are using Revcontent to drive traffic to their website and earn from advertisements thereafter.  In this article, we have written a detailed review of Revcontent. We hope this Revcontent review 2018 will be helpful and can get you started with them. Publishers signing up with this Revcontent link will get 5% greater revenue share than the usual rate, so we strongly suggest to signup with the link above.

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RevContent Review 2018- High Paying Native Ad Network

About Revcontent

Revcontent is one of the most sought-after native ad networks in the online ecosystem, serving some of the important names in the publishing arena such as NBC News, Forbes, CBS and so on. How Revcontent is different from other native networks is that it involves a highly responsive widget, gallery implementations, infinite scroll and unlimited customization of the API to affect the website traffic of their client’s website enormously.


This native ad network holds the widgets of different size, to integrate with client’s blogs and websites to enhance their site traffic and revenue. Its widgets are highly engaging and publishers could choose from a huge list of widgets and performs well in the following niches- media, entertainment, and technology. It benefits publishers by incorporating a widget at the end of the article to help them earn additional revenue from the website and sometimes the revenue can be as high as Adsense.

Is Revcontent a True AdSense Alternative?

We have seen a lot of publishers use Revcontent along with AdSense. RevContent works well with social sites where the AdSense CPC is not very high. Also, CTR of native ads is typically high compared to AdSense. In a number of cases, RevContent can pay you as close to AdSense. Also, if you wisely place the native ads in a way that doesn’t compromise with the CTR of AdSense, you end up earning almost double of what you’re earning currently.

RevContent Publisher Requirement and Minimum Traffic Criteria:

Revcontent offers more than 100 billion recommendations every month to improve user engagement through quality native advertisements. But it is not an easy task to engage with Revcontent and the company rejects 90% of the applications on an average. They don’t compromise on the quality of the websites and work only with publishers who have the potential to reach the premium level. Once approved as a publisher, it is important to include a Javascript code on the website to portray native recommendations. It lays certain specific qualities of websites to get engaged into its system. Here are the publisher requirements to join RevContent

  • Client’s websites should attract substantial page impressions monthly on an average. Publishers who are accepted into the Revcontent network typically have an average of 2-3 millions of page views a month. This is the RevContent minimum traffic criteria. Publishers need to have a daily pageviews of 1,00,000.
  • Sites should refrain itself from objectionable content such as hacking, banned pharma products, malware etc.
  • Sites have to ensure that the content they post should be original and fresh. Revcontent is very strict with its copyright laws.
  • The Content of websites should be of high quality, it would not pardon the wrong usage of words and spelling errors.
  • Alexa rank should be below 20k and if its an Indian site then, India Alexa rank should be under 7k.

How to Join Revcontent Native Ad Network?

If you happen to meet the following criteria, go ahead and click on the Signup link to go the Revcontent website and create an account. This signup link will give you 5% greater revenue share than directly signing up with Revcontent. 

Revcontent Signup

You need to provide your site URL, traffic (here you should select the option of 1 million+) and where you’re an advertiser/publisher/both. Once done, you can move ahead with the other options here.

Here, you need to further provide the additional details and make click on the submit button. Once done, Revcontent publisher team will review your application. Due to the high volume of the applications submitted, it would take around 7 days to process your application and you should be hearing back from them via a mail with your approval status. Once your website is approved you can log in to Revcontent dashboard and start creating your first ad widget. Here is a screenshot of how Revcontent widgets looks like-


Revcontent offers a number of highly customizable ad widgets. You can choose from standard pic text, video, hover, link ads, in-article ads or even use Revcontent’s custom API for a truly native experience on your website. Using multiple ad widgets, especially video widget can help increase your overall ad revenue significantly.

Let us take a look at Revcontent Ad Widget with Content Styled Ad Recommendations

image source: blog.revcontent.com

image source: blog.revcontent.com

How does Revcontent Work?

Revcontent is one of the fastest growing native advertising networks that engage its users with 50% high page views per visitor than most other content recommendation networks. The basic principle of native advertising is to create ads in disguise. For example, when a user reads through an apparels section of BuzzFeed, a story on modern apparels might come across sponsored by premium apparel showrooms, increasing reader engagement.

Revcontent Dashboard

Revcontent Dashboard

Revcontent is highly recommended for its targeting capabilities and also offers more transparency in all platforms than its competitors. Advertisers are free to target their customers based on their mobile device, geo-location and even based on the brands they browse. Revcontent has also been launched with an intuitive user interface with transparent reporting and widget customization enabled. Publishers can create ad widgets, monitor their performance and view them via country segmentation.

Pros and Cons of Revcontent:


  • Revcontent offers completely responsive widgets that could adapt to any screen size without clutters
  • It protects the brand and by checking the ‘X’ at the right corner of the ad, it is possible to remove any inappropriate content
  • It offers high RPMS to its clients in the range of $3 to $40.
  • Revcontent offers highly customizable widgets and offers a high native feel of ads to users, so that users don’t feel it is an ad
  • Their Ads improves customer turnover ratio and native advertisements are offered in different formats such as XML, API or JSON on par with the client’s desire.
  • With Revcontent it is possible to calculate real-time performance metrics based on device type, website section, and content performance.
  • Revcontent offers 50% return on Investments to its advertisers. It also improves the bounce rate and page view time of the website.
  • Social algorithms, proprietary to Revcontent would circulate the most engaging content of its clients based on key metrics, thus enhancing website page views.
  • Their performance is 900% more than its rivals in revenue generation, user engagement and returns on investment.


  • Revcontent lays a number of restrictions to its publishers and advertisers and rejects most of the applications for quality purposes.
  • Smaller websites and blogs are usually not approved by the network and in order to qualify the site needs to have high traffic.
  • Some of its users feel its ads are a bit intrusive.

RevContent Earnings, RevContent Dashboard, and Revenue Report

I don’t have RevContent up and running on any of my sites. However, I managed to ask one of my friend about the RevContent earnings and he shared his revenue report. As you can see the average RPM is $0.44 (i.e. RevContent CPM rate). Upon discussing with him, he informed that the RPM used to be almost 2-3 times more than what it is currently now. In fact, they have tested Taboola, Content.ads and Revcontent and found RevContent to be better in terms of revenue generation.

Revcontent earnings report

Revcontent earnings report


RevContent Payment Structure and Payout:

Revcontent pays his publishers on a net 30 basis; it assures sure returns ranging from $3 to $5 to its clients. It is possible to withdraw earning after every 30 days. It is important to have a minimum threshold of $50 before taking the payment. RevContent payment method is PayPal and check. Be rest assured that RevContent is a legit ad network working with thousands of premium publishers worldwide.

Revcontent Publisher Requirements

Revcontent is very picky while accepting publishers to run their ads widgets. The minimum traffic requirement for Revcontent is 3 million i.e. you need to have a minimum of 100k pageviews per day. Additionally, they have certain quality checks which are listed here.

  • RevContent works with premium publishers like newsweek.com, westernjournalism. foxnews, christianpost – they deny approximately 90% of the applications submitted to them due to their strict criteria needed.
  • Revcontent evaluates publisher applications based on website’s quality and volume of traffic, content, targeted GEO’s, audience and layout. All sites should have good layout, design and relevant pages and information.
  •  Alexa ranks of the websites should be below 20k with a minimum of 100,000 impressions per day (3 million per month) and matching GEO targets (US, UK, CA, FR, IN, NZ & AU). IN Alexa must be 7k or under.
  • Affiliates websites can ONLY run ads; they are not permitted to run widgets.

Publishers signing up with this Revcontent link will get 5% greater revenue share than the usual rate. If your traffic is lower than 50k per day, we suggest you to signup with Spoutable as an alternative.

Revcontent CPC Rates in 2018

Here we give you a small look at the CPC rates offered by Revcontent for the month of January 2018. Kindly note that the revenues in Q1 actually tends to be lower and your average revenue will be 1.5x the current rates, at least. 

Revcontent offers a global fill rate, almost reaching 100% across all geographies. The network is strong in regions like the US, IN, UK, Canada and other parts of the world as well, especially Europe. Revcontent CPC rates are high in Europe where Taboola is not very strong. The CPC for Indian traffic tends to be around 1 cents to 2 cents. For EU countries, the CPC is around 10 cents and above. The Revcontent video widget can also help you earn some revenue and can be placed after your post content. 

Revcontent Dashboard and UI

Revcontent has a professional dashboard and a monthly income estimator that tells you the projections for the current month. The dashboard tells you about the top performing widget, traffic sources by a device, a live click map and more. You can further explore the performance of your widgets by clicking on the Site Widget tab and see the overall performance, clicks, click-throughs, country-wise reporting. Here, you can take a look at the screenshots of Revcontent dashboard.

The screenshot below shows a heatmap of the top countries which are taking the maximum amount of impressions and also contributing to a significant revenue for your website. This gives a cleaner visual aspect as to how your traffic is performing, in a nutshell.


Viewers are tired of traditional forms of advertisements that pop out every time a website is opened. Revcontent makes online advertisements more engaging and the rise of native ad networks only ascertain a future where the industry is going to be dominated by native ad styles. The publisher offerings by Revcontent is by far the best and in terms of revenue also, one can make a decent amount. So, it’s time for you to start monetizing your website with Revcontent widget ads if you haven’t started yet.

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Revcontent is the world's fastest growing content recommendation network, powering over 200 billion content recommendations per month.

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