What are Make from AdSense Websites

A lot of websites uses paid advertising like outbrain, taboola, facebook, nster and others to acquire traffic. While this is completely in compliance with AdSense policy, whats matters here is,

Make from AdSense

What are Make from AdSense Websites

You can still get your AdSense account disabled or ads might stop serving on sites whose sole traffic is from advertising..and the purpose is to make XXX dollars by investing less than XXX dollars solely by content that doesn’t provide any value or readership to users.

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What are Make from AdSense Websites?

The point is, if you’re purchasing traffic at a price of X per 1000 visitors and making 1.3X from AdSense from those visitors with minimal content on your site, you’re actually creating a website whose primary model is to “make money from AdSense”.

While paid advertising is great for a new website, the content of the site should be good enough to infiltrate the sense of loyalty among the visitors, and make them turn to regular readers. AdSense values content and a stable business model for a site. Thus, engaging users with high-quality content is a prerequisite.

Also, if the clicks doesn’t convert well, it compromises with the advertiser’s interest. There are a lot of social websites which are coming up with viral content and looking for make quick revenue from adsense. These websites might be at a risk of quality ad conversions and adsense might deduct a large chunk of money from due to invalid click if the conversion rate is extremely poor for such traffic

Risks associated with Make from AdSense Websites

Revenue source is totally dependent on AdSense and one fine morning you can see AdSense ads are disabled on your website.

Having said this, it’s always good to explore new options for revenue, but make sure you’ve a strong business model to scale.


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